Meet the Team

Lucy Limbasan


Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Founded in 1997, Lucy Limbasan   has led Thehomeulove to becoming one of the leaders in sales  of homes, businesses, and developing lands in  California  Cities and Counties  downtown and surrounding neighborhoods..Lucy  Limbasan's   unique stylistic approach created opportunities to work for the cities biggest investors and institutions. No slowing down in sight, Lucy  Limbasan   is still taking Thehomeulove to new heights.

Whether is Malibu, San Diego or Palm Springs , Joshua Tree land or School cites call Lucy  Limbasan

Lucy  Limbasan   has become well rounded in all facets of the industry,  commercial  sites,  development properties   and  business . Spearheading marketing campaigns that brought on new investors.  Lucy Limbasan has made a name for  herself  and  is  an  asset to the community.

About Us


20 Years and Counting

Starting with a small set of apartment buildings, we have grown to residential and commercial high rises  in our cities downtown. We provide everything from leasing and property management to legal support.


State of the Art Designs

Our team of architects and designers have created award winning designs. We will work with you to develop the distinctive look you envision. Make sure to check out our completed projects.


Thehomeulove Cares

A portion of our annual earnings is invested to local non-profits to help make a difference in our community.